Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Help Louis get some wheels!

I'm doing a tube challenge on December the 13th to raise money for so Louis can afford a good quality powerchair that will allow him to really explore the world. This is the chair he's trialling in the photo to the left.

I know Louis because his parents are good friends of my partner. We've chased each other round the outside of their kitchen, played with Duplo, and signed "GRRR" at each other. I can't imagine the chaos he would be able to wreak if he had the freedom of a really good powerchair, but I'd love to be able to support his capacity for havoc!

To this end I am going to be utilising my favourite wheels - those of the London Underground.

The plan is to make some sandwiches, pack a Thermos of tea, and get on a tube early in the morning, and trying to travel across the whole tube network in a day, taking photos at every interchange station I get off and change at.

You come in at this point by sponsoring me per interchange station I photograph. Any amount will do, if you set the amount low that just gives me incentive to change at every opportunity!

Just comment below stating how much you'd like to pay per station, and we'll tot the total up on the 14th, when I'll post the photos of the stations on this blog as proof I got off and changed there.

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Jane and Col said...

£1 per station, £2 for major interchanges, £5 for 'end of line' eg. Amersham ;o). Love Jane and Col xx

Robin said...

Now that's motivation! What counts as a major interchange?


machtman said...

count me in @ 15p. i'm very curious to see the route you've designed...
x Michael

auntysnake said...

Phew! Finally got into my darn Google account...I will sponsor you £1.50 per interchange, lovely xxx

tim said...

Go for it Robyn.
£50 says you will get at least to Heathrow!

Sergei Meerkat said...

Strangely, Heathrow was the first place Robin has aimed for!!

Robin said...

I didn't actually head for Heathrow with the £50 carrot in mind - I wanted to see the planes!