Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Back from the bowels of London

Got home at 23:53 yesterday, and fell straight into bed.

Washing this morning was a treat - I was coated in a light layer of tube-dust, and the running up and down escalators and stairs had made me gently sweaty. Mmmm!

Anyway, the grand total is: 10 terminus stations, and 42 interchanges, travelling a portion at least of every line, including the entire length of the District, Central, Jubilee, Waterloo and City (!), and Victoria lines. The photos will go up this evening.

I was joined by a chum at Victoria, and we bounced around a bit of the Northern, District, Victoria, and Bakerloo lines, as well as interfering in some filming at Kings Cross St Pancras. Yay! Then my partner joined at Baker Street in the evening, and came up the Jubilee Line, down the Metropolitan Line, down the Victoria Line and up the Northern Line with me, to the finish.

I'm definitely doing it again, with a view to actually getting around the whole network. Though that'll just be for fun :)

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