Monday, 25 June 2012

Reversing Recovery - my letter to local papers

I'm posting my letter here so people can use it for ideas, if they want to.

Dear Editor,

This government is changing the way welfare works too quickly, and without carrying out any appropriate impact assessments.

Disabled people who will be affected by cuts to benefits are already losing money, homes, and support. The Motability Scheme, which allows people to hire adapted cars using their DLA (a benefit intended to pay for the additional costs incurred by being disabled) will lose many customers as a result of the welfare reforms. Motability means people stay independent, and are able to get out into the community, take part in society, and work.

Disabled people have produced a report called Reversing Recovery which shows:

"Reversing from Recovery uses information available in the public domain to show that the Government’s plans, by reducing access to the Motability scheme, will create a domino effect, including the loss of:
  • More than 30,000 new car sales each year
  • 3,583 jobs (from 21,080 jobs to 17,497 jobs)
  • £342 million contribution to GDP (from around £2 billion to £1.67 billion)
  • £79 million in tax receipts"
The full report is available at and I would encourage anyone that cares for, lives with, or is a disabled person to read it, and write to their MP to express their concerns.

Yours sincerely

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