Monday, 23 January 2012

Maria Miller disputes Spartacus Report

Maria Miller responded to a question put to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions:

"I am aware of the publication of this report. I believe that the report seriously misrepresents the way the Department has carried out consultation and design of necessary reforms to disability living allowance. In particular the report fails to acknowledge the extensive work that the Department has done since the formal consultation on DLA reform ended nearly a year ago. We have also had ongoing meetings with disabled people and representative organisations and have just commenced a further, formal consultation of 15 weeks on revised assessment criteria as a result of the earlier informal consultation." (From Hansard )

However, despite claims of "ongoing meetings with disabled people and representative organisations" most disability organisations don't think the reforms are going to improve the lives of disabled people. Either Miller isn't listening to those people and organisations, or she's lying about the ongoing meetings.

Does anyone know which organisations Miller is talking about when she says she's having ongoing meetings with representative organisations?

And if you've read this, and think welfare reform isn't taking disabled people into account, please sign and share Pat's Petition:

It's not asking for no reform, simply for that reform to be done fairly and on an evidence-backed basis.

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